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Will The Air Purifier Be Replaced By Fresh Air System?
Jan 18, 2018

     Last year,the new concept "fresh air system" limelight frequent exposure, heat rising.
     Unlike the air purifiers we are familiar with, the fresh air system is an air circulation system consisting of a ventilator, a duct. In short, the fresh air system is in the case of not open the window,  fresh air coming in, out of the sewage, so that the room to maintain  fresh air.As the fresh air "popular", fresh air system and air purifier purification effect of the dispute has not ceased.

     Some people say that the fresh air system is a large air purifier, it is not true.Although, the fresh air system quickly became popular in China because of its haze removal technology. However, in essence, the most important function of fresh air system is ventilation. Compared  with the natural ventilation, it has a large amount of ventilation,  ventilation has a row into the row, air flow scientific and rational  organization and order, better ventilation effect. For the family room is not transparent room, it is science to improve the ventilation of the great hero.

     In most companies doing  fresh air system, the fresh air system is not a substitute for air  purifiers, but a product of social progress, the future two products  will coexist. Fresh air products are characterized by the outer loop, empty net is the inner loop. If only for haze, then the fresh air system is not a necessity.

    Fresh air system  and air purifier is not a substitute for each other, should not be used  to compare which one is better, because in the purification principle,  the use of the scene and purification functions are very different,  should complement each other and support.