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Will It Be Better To Decorate At The Start Of Autumn? Have You Noticed These Questions?
Sep 07, 2018

Autumn has  arrived, and many southerners will choose to renovate their house during  this time, or to renovate their new home and stay in the "new" room  before the fat year. Because of the dry weather in autumn,  paints, paints and other decoration materials are easier to dry, the  construction time will be reduced accordingly, and the time for staying  in new houses can be accelerated. However, it is not necessarily a good  thing, and new houses need to be protected against formaldehyde  pollution.


Harmful  gases such as formaldehyde have a great impact on children, pregnant  women, the elderly, etc. The decoration pollution of children's rooms is  a problem that cannot be ignored.

How to reduce the pollution of decoration? Then what pollution do we need to guard against?

The  first is the floor. Because of its strong adhesion, formaldehyde also  has the function of strengthening the hardness and anti-insect and  anti-corrosion of the board, which is very suitable for floor use. Consumers  must pay attention to this when buying wooden flooring. Do not blindly  pursue formaldehyde-free. In fact, the product with formaldehyde content  is very harmful to the human body. In addition, there are some “zero formaldehyde” products, which is actually not possible. Therefore,  it is best to ask at the time of purchase, the meaning of the so-called  "zero formaldehyde", in the end is completely free of formaldehyde or  formaldehyde content in the harmless range, not to be blinded by the  publicity of the business.

Followed by furniture, formaldehyde can be said to be the most important indoor pollutant in furniture. The  materials, paints and adhesives used in all kinds of furniture contain a  certain amount of formaldehyde. Long-term effects on the human body can  cause many adverse reactions, such as strong stimulation to the human  eye and respiratory system, leading to cancer and fetal malformation. Potential threats.

Finally,  the wall decoration materials, paint, thinner, various waterproof  materials and other wall decoration materials mostly contain a certain  amount of pollutants. In  terms of overall performance, latex paint is superior to water-based  paint, which is basically composed of water, pigment, emulsion, etc.  These raw materials are not toxic, and the place where it may be toxic  is ethylene glycol in the film former. Organic mercury in mold inhibitors. Therefore, the quality of the latex paint is basically safe to use.

Although pollution problems exist, there is no need to blindly panic. As  long as the source of pollution is correctly recognized, the  environmental protection materials will be used as the main decoration  to reduce the pile-up; if problems are found in time, the pollution of  the decoration can be effectively controlled and the probability of  illness can be reduced. After the renovation, pay attention to ventilation, and wait until most of the pollutants are released.