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Why Air Purifier Can Protect You?
Jan 24, 2018

     Around the year of 2008,  haze entered the field of vision. By the year 2012, the air purifier  started to become a topic, and then many brands appeared overnight.  Eventually, the big shuffle of air purifiers since 2015, after several  years of air purifiers The development, from a comfortable consumption gradually transformed into a demand for consumption. However,  the data shows that currently there are still a few people who use air  purifiers. Many people still choose not to use them. Even the air  purifier still has a lot of problems, so one question that needs to be  answered here is whether the air purifier is useful ?

     Air  purifier is effective, the first question to be answered is whether the  air purifier can remove airborne solid or gaseous pollutants. This is to clarify the working principle of the purifier. For fine particulates, what the air purifier needs to do is get the fine particles to stay on the screen in some way. However,  there are many ways to stop the particles, which can be summed up in  two ways: the particles hit themselves, or the filter sucks the  particles through some kind of force. The  former approach is naturally more efficient for larger particles, while  the latter is more effective for smaller particles because these  lighter particles are more strongly affected by these forces. For  those modest particles, the combination of the two methods is the most  difficult to filter out, and it is the standard fine particle used to  calibrate the efficiency of the filter. Generally, the aerodynamic  diameter is 0.3 microns. For  the use of filter supplies purifier, are applied at the same time these  two filter principles to work, and for high voltage electrostatic  filter without supplies, then the adsorption-based, only use one of the  ways. BEIDOUY's  HEPA, in fact, is the use of the above two methods, based on the  introduction of the electric field force to strengthen the small  particles of gravity, so as to achieve better purification effect.