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WHO Warns: Nine Of Ten Children Are 'drug-using'
Nov 09, 2018

"Air pollution is paralyzed around us, afflicting young and old people. It unconsciously breaks through your defense and attacks your lungs, heart and brain..." The World Health Organization released the latest report yesterday, Air pollution is causing harm to billions of children around the world, affecting their intelligence and causing hundreds of thousands of deaths.


What did this report of great concern say? After talking for a long time, we picked five key points -

1. 93% of children under the age of 15 worldwide are exposed to excessively polluted air. (Say the future of the motherland? Say good to care for the flowers of the motherland?)

2. The above data includes 630 million children under the age of five. (The ultimate proposition of a philosophy: life is death)

3. More than 40% of the world's population is exposed to high levels of  household air pollution caused primarily by the use of polluting  technologies and fuel cooking. (Pollution occurs in a country that likes to fry, simmer, burn, simmer, steam, roast, fry, fry, stew, cook, simmer, simmer)

4. In 2016, approximately 600,000 deaths among children under the age of 15 were attributable to the combined effects of environmental and domestic air pollution. (Of course, the smog can't be washed, but there are more murderers, especially hiding in the room)

5. Air pollution is one of the main threats to children's health. Nearly one-tenth of the deaths of children under five are caused by air pollution. (Dinners may only have three meals a day, but there are 25,920 breaths, and the ghost knows what you are sucking in.)

Why are children always hurt? The answer is simple and straightforward: poor immunity.


Polluted air is the most invisible deadly weapon. Toxic particles can be reduced into one molecule. These particles penetrate the protective barrier of your lungs, making toxic substances deeper and sowing the seeds of cancer. It's like a nanoscale weapon in a science fiction movie, and it really appears around us.

Almost every winter, I will visit the smog several times, the formaldehyde in the long-term lurking room, the cigarette that I can't help but take a bite, the soot that my mother cooks for a long time, etc. Sometimes I can't help but doubt the life. Where is the paradise? Now with the power of technology, perhaps there is an answer.

Nowadays, air purifiers have entered thousands of households and become the health guards of many families, guarding every member of the family. Wake up from my dreams every day, I can enjoy the fresh air like the morning of the forest. I believe this is what most people want.

We can't make the sky blue and make the atmosphere fresh and clean with our own power, but as long as we can keep the pure land of the house, we will hold the last line of defense.