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What Will Happen To The Air Purifier Market?
Nov 27, 2017

What will happen to the air purifier market?

The highly competitive air purification market, what will happen? I think the following four points will be staged:

1, air purifier can not just for haze.

As haze problems,china market of air purifier growth, many players focus on  haze issues product design and promotion, but the haze problem is very  seasonal, so if only for a single demand scenarios to do the product, it  is easy Six months into a busy year, free half a year's problems, which will bring great business pressure on the company.

Developed  markets such as the United States and Japan with air purification are  not directly related to smog. The low quality of urban air itself, the  formaldehyde problem of home improvement clothing, and the air pollution  caused by crowds of people in shopping malls and office buildings all  mean the demand for purification. Therefore, only staring at the haze of air purifier manufacturers if  not timely conversion to the entire scene air purification, will be  easily eliminated.

China's air purifier market players, will face different scenarios to do product matrix. I  have seen 352 environmental technology has been doing this, not only  have the main air purifier haze, as well as for the car, for the  decoration of the house, and even move the diversified air purification  products to solve various scenarios Air purification needs. But  after all, not every air purification company can do capital injection  to create the full scene product, then I think we can also consider the  ultimate for a breakdown of the scene, and thus the ability to  differentiate (but to avoid seasonal problems) .

2, the supplier from the air purifier to the air solution

Drip  is not a taxi company, but travel services, so it can be extended to  more travel + services, including car, express, windmills, car rental,  car replacement or even used car platform to expand their boundaries and  create more Great value. 352 environmental technology put forward "I am not an air cleaner  manufacturer but an air solution provider", this formulation is worth  the net industry reference.

Another big story is the fresh air system in the net industry. Many  public spaces and large spaces such as office buildings, hotels, villas  are more suitable for fresh air system, which requires more hardware  and transformation costs, but more effective and can guarantee the  oxygen content. Orville  cloud statistics show that in 2016 China's fresh air system has a scale  of 6.1 billion yuan in 2017 is expected to achieve 9 billion yuan, an  increase of nearly 50%, the Chinese market penetration rate of less than  5%, while in Japan and Europe and the United States market fresh air  system Occupancy as high as 95% or more. At present, this market has 10 + air and other players, air purifier winners will enter the fresh air system market? Will the future integrate with each other? The possibilities are great.

3, from the top manufacturing assembly to the bottom of the technical autonomy.

At  present, high-quality air purifier products, whether it is 352  environmental technology or home appliance giant, its components rely on  overseas markets, such as filters are imported from Japan, the fan is  Germany ebm and so on. This  is the same with the problems faced by domestic smartphones, can not do  chips, storage, batteries and other components, profits have been  earned to the upper reaches, but also has been constrained. We  see Huawei, millet and other mobile phone companies in recent years,  the input into the underlying technology can be described as spared no  effort, especially in chip technology, Huawei Unicom 970 is becoming the  mainstream flagship CPU brand, the introduction of AI module NPU also  with the Apple A11 bionic processor The same as the leading, and thus have a stronger ability to innovate and profitability. Similarly, domestic air purifier placed in front of the problem is  that we must get rid of reliance on overseas components, the formation  of the underlying components of the independent research and development  and manufacturing capabilities, of course, to do this, it takes time,  but also the money.

4, air purifier to become a part of smart home.

Smart  home is another trend that is being staged, intelligent technology,  from entertainment black television such as television, and gradually  penetrate to washing machines, refrigerators, door locks curtains, home  appliances such as cameras, as the strength of the air to become the  fifth largest appliances Purifier,  also have intelligent needs, such as a key control, energy-saving  intelligent clean energy-free programs, the need for intelligent  algorithms and Internet technology. Moreover,  if you look at a comfortable air environment, the air purifier should  also be interconnected with air conditioners, heating, fresh air systems  and the like, and finally an intelligent air solution can be realized.