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What's The Harm Of Haze To Children
Jan 19, 2018

    Haze, once the  British "regulars", London, December 1952 haze incident sensation  worldwide, haze led to tens of thousands of deaths, industrial emissions  combined with unfavorable climatic conditions, smog more serious than  in previous years, was The largest "foggy city" ever built, while children make up a large part of the nearly 10,000 dead. Children become the number one victim under haze.
    So, what's the harm of haze to children?

    1. Respiratory hazards
    As  we all know, haze fog is the most important material is PM2.5, PM2.5  can be inhaled directly into children's respiratory tract, respiratory  protective system is destroyed, PM2.5 attached to the respiratory tract,  leading to rhinitis, asthma, bronchitis. These are chronic and difficult to cure the disease, the symptoms of pain.

    2. lung damage
    Compared  to adults, lung capacity and respiration in children are higher than  those in adults, with more air inhaled per minute than adults. According  to a report by the Environmental Protection Department in Hong Kong,  long-term inhalation of PM2.5 in children's lungs or air, hydrocarbons  and pollutants in it can easily lead to serious lung diseases such as  pneumonia, lung infection and lung cancer.

    3. Cardiovascular hazards
    The  relevant departments of the United States had 7.5 million cases of  cardiovascular disease inpatients surveyed, the results showed that the  number of PM2.5 increased by about 10, with cardiovascular risk also  increased 1.02-1.18, cardiovascular disease in children and PM2.5 have contact directly.