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What's The PM2.5 And How To Purify Indoor Air
Nov 19, 2018

The most impressive thing in autumn and winter is the PM2.5 pollutants in the smog. So, what is the impact of PM2.5 on our health?

PM2.5 is a very fine particle, which is a common substance among pollutants.  Its diameter is only 2.5 microns, it is one-twentieth of our hair's size. It is generally difficult to see by the naked eye and can enter the lungs directly, so it also known as lung particles.

The concentration of particulate matter in the haze season will also be greatly improved, and PM2.5 will appear repeatedly. PM2.5 is not only outdoor, but also a large amount of PM2.5 substances in the room. According to professional data, long-term inhalation of excessive pollutants may lead to early death. Many people often ignore the PM2.5 defense because PM2.5 is invisible to the naked eye. PM2.5 is actually a lot of harm, and it may also cause respiratory diseases and bloody diseases. Keeping the indoor air clean at all times is also a great guarantee for the health of the elderly and children.

How to ensure indoor air pure?

1. Open the window and ventilate regularly

Window ventilation can accelerate the air exchange between the inside and outside, and the indoor PM2.5 can also be effectively circulated to the outside, effectively reducing the indoor PM2.5 concentration. Of course, it is not suitable when it is foggy, hot weather, or cold in winter.


2. Plant more green plants

Green plants can increase indoor oxygen, and can also absorb some small particles, and green plants can also decorate your house. Planting more green plants, their adsorption properties are stronger.


3. Air purifier

The air purifier adsorbs and intercepts particulate matter has been approved by the General Administration of Quality Supervision,  Inspection and Quarantine, and the third-party testing agency. The common technology for removing PM2.5 from air purifiers includes antibacterial cotton filters, HEPA filters, and many brands for traditional technology PM2.5 technology. A comprehensive upgrade was made to intercept finer particles.

BDYH-8308 air purifier

The beidouyh air purifier uses a newly technology called preparation to purify the air indoor. It is very active, it can spread to all corners of the room initiatively to fully clean the air with only low-speed fans. It can neutralize PM2.5 particles, sterilize the air, remove odors in the air, remove formaldehyde automatically more efficiently.What's more, our company has the patent for this technology.