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What Are The Indoor Air Pollution?
Jan 25, 2018

1, organic pollutants
1.1  Formaldehyde Indoor formaldehyde mainly from building materials,  furniture, all kinds of adhesive coatings and synthetic fabrics. The main source of wood-based panels. Formaldehyde is a highly irritating odor gas, a volatile organic  compound that is shown to irritate the eyes and respiratory tract and  cause lung, liver and immune dysfunction.
1.2  Benzene and homologues Toluene, xylene benzene and benzene compounds  Toluene and xylene are colorless, aromatic, vapor state exists in the  air. In  the interior decoration, due to improper choice of decoration materials  or construction technology unreasonable, easily formed indoor benzene  and benzene series of pollution. Toluene, xylene its toxicity is mainly on the central nervous and autonomic hazards. National standards for indoor benzene benzene maximum allowable concentration per cubic meter can not exceed 2.4mg.
1.3 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Volatile Organic Compounds  (VOCs) on the human body is mainly irritated to the eyes and respiratory  skin sensitization the headache, sore throat, fatigue and other  symptoms
Other volatile organic compounds mainly from interior decoration materials \ Daily chemical products \ Fuel, etc.

2, inorganic pollutants
2.1  Heavy Metals The heavy metals in the air are present in atmospheric  particulates (TSP), whereas atmospheric particulates (respirable  particulate matter PM10) with a particle size of less than 10 μm contain  more heavy metals than heavy metals. It  is reported that about 75% to 90% of heavy metals are distributed in  PM10, and the smaller the particle size, the higher the heavy metal  content. Lead  \ Cadmium \ Chromium \ Mercury \ Arsenic is a common toxic pollutants  Soluble matter has a significant hazard to human skin Long-term exposure  to chromium compounds can cause contact dermatitis or eczema Excess  lead \ cadmium \ mercury \ arsenic on human nerve \ Visceral system, especially harm to children's growth and development  of mental development Heavy metal elements mainly from furniture \  interior wall paint and wallpaper and other sources of emissions from  coal-fired fuel and chemical production into the room will also bring  heavy metal pollution
2.2  gaseous inorganic pollutants: ammonia is colorless, a strong irritating  odor of the gas, easily soluble in water, the contact of the tissue  corrosion and irritation, strong irritation of the atmosphere, the eye,  throat, the upper respiratory tract Fast, but its release period is also fast, less harmful to humans. The  main reason for the presence of indoor air atmosphere is due to the  addition of additives and brighteners in the concrete admixture /  interior decoration materials used in construction during construction  in winter. It also contains harmful gases that enter the room from the outside atmosphere. Often due to geographical reasons. Such as: sulfur oxides Carbon oxides, mainly carbon monoxide (carbon  dioxide is not an air pollutant), as well as nitrogen oxides.

3.  Biofouling: Biofouling is mainly caused by the more damp moldy walls,  domestic rubbish, pets, indoor flowers, carpets, air conditioners and  furniture, etc. in the living room. The main pollutants are bacteria,  bacteria and dust. Through  the cough, sneezing and other flu viruses, Mycobacterium tuberculosis  and streptococcus and other biological contaminants

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