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What Air Purifier Should Be Used In Maternal And Child Families?
Oct 16, 2018

As we all know, the mother and child groups have higher environmental requirements than ordinary people, and the requirements for air purifiers are naturally higher for mothers and children.


It can be specifically embodied as:

First, better purification effect:

purification effect generally includes filtration of particulate matter, purification of harmful gases and sterilization of bacterial viruses, and better purification effect can bring cleaner and healthy air to mother and baby groups.

Second, more powerful purification ability:

mainly reflected in the rapid purification ability,

Third, more intimate humidification function:

When the air conditioner is turned on indoors, the humidification function is particularly important, because the air conditioner will make the indoor air dry. In addition, the mother is more concerned about her skin, and the baby's skin is very fragile, the dry air will increase the degree of dryness of the skin, so the air purifier with humidification function can be said to be a more intimate product.

Fourth, the more humanized ultra-quiet design:

the mother is very tired to take care of the children, they need a good sleep to restore physical strength; the baby sleeps shallow, easy to wake and cry, if the air purifier has a mute function, these fears naturally do not exist It is.