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Useless Method To Remove Formaldehyde
Jan 23, 2018

1,  activated carbon, nano-mineral crystal These two principles in addition  to formaldehyde is physical adsorption, adsorption of formaldehyde  through its own special pores. The effect of this method we all know, very weak. The temperature increase will also release the formaldehyde originally absorbed, resulting in secondary pollution. Businesses will also claim that after the sun can be reused, in fact,  this effect will be greatly reduced, it becomes a waste, might can throw it.
2,  diatom mud, shell powder Diatom mud is not the most important thing to  absorb formaldehyde, but itself does not release formaldehyde, itself is  environmentally friendly materials. However, the formaldehyde adsorption capacity is really bad, not as good as activated carbon. Shell powder is the main component of calcium carbonate, this thing can absorb formaldehyde? Lie to the ghost!
3,  Photocatalyst Photocatalyst is the main component of titanium dioxide,  also known as photocatalyst, in the laboratory with ultraviolet  radiation, the formaldehyde does have effect. But use in the living room is not alright, we can not buy a UV lamp to shine, right? It is unrealistic for the elderly and children to stay indoors most of the time. Do  not think of the photocatalyst spray in the window position, UV is not  ordinary glass to wear, if the window, better ventilation Why  Photocatalyst? There  are nano-photocatalyst added to other ions, this is said to be able to  decompose formaldehyde in visible light (the effect will certainly not  high), we do not say this, the nanoparticles themselves are very harmful  to humans, and the nanoparticles in the Aggregation in the air is a big problem. Even if these problems are solved, the cost is a problem, this product will not be cheaper.