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USB Car Air Purifier
Jul 13, 2018

As the saying goes, the spring sleepy autumn is lacking in summer. In the hot summer, I went to the "sleepiness" season. I felt that every moment I was sleepy, especially when I was driving, the tiredness was even stronger. Haier car air purifier reminded that this may be related to pollution inside the car. It is time. Put a car air purifier on the car. BEIDOUYH car air purifier, can quickly help you create a fresh and comfortable interior environment, winning the majority of car owners to praise.

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Net: Purify all kinds of pollution in layers, only one click for a healthy experience

In the summer, as the temperature rises, the formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other pollutants that are not safe in the car are easily volatilized. Many people travel in a car and travel in a polluted environment for a long time. In addition to being sleepy, they can cause pneumonia, asthma, leukemia and other diseases. BEIDOUYH car air purifier is equipped with layer cleaning, which can effectively remove various harmful substances such as formaldehyde, toluene, odor, T VOC, PM2.5, etc., and keep the air inside the car fresh. Breathing is smooth, not sleepy, health risks are gone, travel is more assured, this experience, just one click.

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Fast: Instantly restore fresh air, just like being in the nature

Driving in the summer, the moment you open the door, the pungent smell will come to you, sitting on it, not only is it nausea, headache is so simple, and quickly purifying the air inside the car becomes the urgent need of the owner. BEIDOUYH car air purifier uses preparation kit+ hepa filter 2 in one mode for high efficient air cleaning. When only one song is needed, the air inside the car will be completely new. You create a sense of relaxation in nature. Moreover, the product also has a TVOC air detection system, and the LED tri-color lamp shows the air quality, and the purification effect is clear at a glance.

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