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The Type Of Air Purifier
Aug 16, 2018

In modern life, people spend more than 80% of their time indoors. At the same time, various indoor pollutions have caused us a lot of troubles. When fighting various indoor pollutants, many people will choose air purifiers. Today we Just talk about the air purifiers.First of all, we must clarify the main types of pollutants that need to be treated: 1. Dust; 2. The common types of air purifiers for TVOC are mainly divided into three categories:

the first category: passive, which is our common, filter-type air purifier

Main principle: The fan draws air into the machine and then filters the air through the filter screen, which can mainly filter dust, odor and toxic gas. At present, the mainstream technology of the dust filter is HEPA, which has the characteristics of high efficiency and large dust accumulation.

Generally, the passive purifier filter is multi-layered, each layer has different functions: coarse filter (primary filter large particles, increase overall filter life), HEPA (filter fine dust), activated carbon layer (adsorption of organic pollutants, also Others (such as sterilization, silver, potassium permanganate, etc.) are used for adsorbing materials such as alumina and zeolite.

The second type: active type of purifier is represented by negative ions

The advantage is that there is no consumables, no need to replace the filter element, only regular cleaning is required. The principle of negative ion purifier: the negative ions are released by static electricity, so that the fine dust is charged and collected. Moreover, the smaller the dust particles, the more obvious the effect, and there is a certain bactericidal effect (generally accompanied by the generation of ozone, but the large manufacturers generally control the ozone concentration in a safe range).

The third category, active and passive hybrid

Equivalent to the superposition of the above two principles (electrostatic combined filter, so that the filter life is greatly improved)