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The Effect Of Air Purifier On Life
Jan 16, 2018

      Too  often, too many figurative things in our life condense our attention,  such as work, house, car, and at the same time, the pressure of life  often wearesses our mind and makes us have no time to scruples those  relatively abstract life components . Over  time, the inertia of thinking leads us to think that the house car is  the guarantee of quality of life. Everyone knows that the increasingly  polluted and neglected air has challenged our health.

      With the  increasingly serious environmental pollution, coupled with the pollution  of many interior decoration and decorative materials, the air source  has become an invisible killer affecting human health. 68%  of human diseases are related to air pollution. WHO is also the first  to classify indoor air pollution as one of the 18 categories of  carcinogens.

     Although the air purifier market speculation fiery, but the popularity of the audience has not always high. At  the moment of serious air pollution, the purchasing power of air  purification products continues to slump, the reason is worth pondering. In  fact, the attitude of the air purifier, consumers generally maintain a  more abstract concept of ambiguity, which there are many errors, mainly  in the following areas:

    First, window ventilation can purify the air and improve indoor air quality. If  the outdoor environment is good, ventilation is to increase the  composition of oxygen in the air, reducing the concentration of toxic  gases. However, outdoor pollution is more serious in the polluted area than in the interior, which can make our environment worse. Therefore, the traditional ventilation not only can not improve indoor  air pollution environment, it is likely to increase pollution.

     Second, for the sterilization, odor, in addition to these problems of formaldehyde, each brand of air purifier can do it. To  thoroughly remove bacteria, to smell, in addition to formaldehyde,  purify the air purifier technology adopted is quite scientific and  stress. Some  manufacturers to flicker consumers, arbitrarily exaggerated product  features, but in fact only part of the removal of harmful substances. Therefore, not every brand of air purifier can kill bacteria, odors  and formaldehyde and other harmful substances simultaneously.

     Third,  the air purifier has the function of purifying the air, humidification,  skin and other additional functions in one fell swoop. As  people continue to improve the quality of life, purifiers on the market  not only stay in the air purification treatment level, but with many  additional features. In addition to these additional features alone for people to enjoy the enjoyment of life, the air purification also has a role. For  example, the air humidifier humidification function, on the one hand  can humidify the air, so that the indoor air becomes moist; the other  hand, can effectively increase the life of the plasma population, so  that air purification lasts long.