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The Disadvantages Of Improper Use Air Purifier?
Jan 17, 2018

      Happy to buy an  air purifier home, and feel this time to deal with indoor pollution  finally made a difference! In life, there are indeed many consumers in  the scientific use of purifier purchase knowledge or listen to friends  next to the introduction, to buy To the product  quality and experience are not bad air purifier, but in the later use of  the process ignores the use of air purifier, resulting in a good air  purifier has become a source of pollution at home, compared to the use  of air Purifier products before the consequences even more disastrous.

      1. Air purifier placed in an improper position, purification efficiency greatly reduced. We  bought the air purifier, the clean air volume, which is the standard  unit of time how much air can be handled (ie CADR value), that is, the  size of the air flow, the general unit is m3 / h. The CADR values generally match the area of our room, so the air  purifier can only purify the entire room to the highest purifying  efficiency, thus purifying the indoor air completely, otherwise, the  purifying effect is greatly reduced.

    2. Air purifier filter is not long-term cleaning, the machine will be destructive. At  present, many filter-type air purifiers will become black and dirty  after being used for a period of time. If the user does not replace the  filter and does not clean it, it will cause the filter to become dusty  and prevent the purifier from adsorbing new The effectiveness of pollutants, and the machine attached to the dust, bacteria can cause secondary pollution of indoor air.

    3.Humidifying air cleaner sink is not cleaning, the machine will smell sour. In  northern China, there are more air cleaners and more air in the area.  Many people give priority to humidifying air purifiers. However, if the  machine's sink is not cleaned in time, it will cause mildew on the  filter screen, causing the air purifier to open Smelly sour