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The Difference Between Fog And Cockroach
Sep 05, 2018

Every time I  get up early, I see a gray outdoor. Is there a feeling that it is fog  or sorrow? I believe many people are stupid and unclear, although the  two are visually similar, but two The impact on the body is  very different. If you encounter ashes or try to reduce outdoor  exercise, it is more conducive to health. How do you distinguish between  the two?

First, distinguish between fog and cockroaches

1.  Fog is a natural phenomenon and is a visible aggregate of a large  number of fine water droplets (or ice crystals) suspended in the  atmosphere close to the ground. Most of the fog occurs in  the autumn and winter seasons and is the product of condensation (or  condensation) in the air near the ground. The presence of fog reduces the transparency of the air and reduces visibility.


2.  Cockroaches also known as ash (haze), mainly caused by human factors, is caused  by dust, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, organic hydrocarbons and other  particles in the air to make the atmosphere turbid, blurred vision and  lead to deterioration of visibility. If the  horizontal visibility is less than 10,000 meters, the visual dysfunction  caused by the aerosol system composed of such non-hydrated substances  is called sputum or ash.


Second, what is the difference between fog and cockroaches?

1.  The composition is different, the fog is composed of water droplets;  the sputum is composed of dust particles, soot particles or salt  particles;

2. The relative humidity is different. Fog is a phenomenon of condensation of water vapor, which requires a relatively large relative humidity, generally above 90%.霾  is a collection of dust particles, soot particles or salt particles,  and the relative humidity of the air is more than 80% when formed;

3. Maintain time is different. The  fog has the characteristics of locality and short time. The  concentration changes rapidly during the formation. The visibility in  all directions is not uniform. The fog is concentrated in the night to  the next morning. After noon, it usually weakens and dissipates. The day changes. And  there is a gradual process that can last for several days after its  formation, and has a wide range of features with uniform visibility in  all directions;

4, the vertical height is different. The  fog appears near the ground, its vertical thickness is only a few  hundred meters, and the height of the raft can reach 1km, even 3km, the  height of the extension is higher;

5. Health effects are different. Fog  is a tiny droplet of water suspended in the air, which has little  effect on health; however, most of the dust in the sputum can be inhaled  by the human respiratory tract, affecting health;

6, the particle size is different. The droplet size is 100-102 μm and is visible to the naked eye. The particle size of strontium is 10-3-10 μm, which is invisible to the naked eye;

7, the color is different. Most  of the fog is milky white, and cockroaches usually looks yellow or gray due to  the large amount of visible light with a long scattering wavelength.