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The Correct Purchase Method Of The Air Purifier
Aug 21, 2018

Only  buy the right, do not buy expensive, this is the mantra of people  shopping, but also an important guiding ideology for shopping. However,  when people buy things, they often like to pick cheap, or pursue  expensive big brands, so that they can buy fake and shoddy products, or  purchase more items than their own economic budget, resulting in a less  cost-effective situation.

The same is  true for air purifiers. Among the current more than 600 air purifier  brands, the highest price is tens of thousands, and the cheap ones are  only a few hundred. Some people buy the air purifier, they only choose  the cheapest one. Or choose the most expensive, so you can afford to lose money. So, how much is the price of the air purifier reasonable? Which brand of air purifier is good?

How much is the price of the air purifier reasonable?

"In  general, the price difference of purifiers is mainly caused by  functions, air volume, and additional factors. If the core functions of  the purifier are many, such as removing particulate matter such as PM2.5  and removing harmful gases such as formaldehyde, The use  of multi-layer filters makes the technology more complicated and  correspondingly increases the cost of materials. In addition to the  basic functions, some purifiers have additional functions such as  real-time monitoring, intelligent display, connection to WiFi,  humidification, and even brand effects. Prices vary."

Some  consumers choose the price of “a penny and a share” when purchasing an  air purifier, and choose a product with a high price or a “foreign  brand”. For this phenomenon, experts pointed out that the air purifier should be purchased rationally and scientifically. Don't just look at the ads and talk about the metrics. Do  not go into the thought that the price is higher than the price is  good, foreign products must be better than the domestic products.

Experts  suggest that when purchasing a purifier, do not blindly pursue high  prices, but should pay attention to cost performance.

Next, let's see if the air purifier is useful. Whether the air purifier is useful depends on what you are doing. Air purifiers are more complex, and the structure and principle of each brand may be different. Some focus on removing formaldehyde, some can smog, and some can only filter out suspended particles in the air. The more complex the structure of the air purifier, the better. Therefore, when purchasing an air purifier, you must position yourself to be able to select the most effective air purifier. For example, among the many air purifier brands, Hanston is one of the most research and development companies. Hanston  has always focused on the research and development of air purifiers on  the prevention and control of smog. The air purifier has a seven-layer  filter function, which has a powerful scavenging effect on smog PM2.5.