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The Commom Errors To Choose Air Purifier
Jan 17, 2018

      For the winter, everyone's first impression is definitely cold. But with the more serious pollution, in addition to the cold today, the haze has become a "regulars." Whether it is northern or southern, haze will continue with us throughout the winter. Air Purifier as winter indoor air purification, improve air quality artifact, by consumers.

     But air purifier as a new product, consumers will inevitably enter some errors in the purchase and use of the process. As long as you avoid these errors, you can let the air purifier play the best of both worlds. So what errors do you need to notice?

     1: Do not care if there is a seal on the filter
    Nowadays,  consumers are only pursuing the high or low levels of filters in the  purchase of air purifiers, while ignoring the presence or absence of  seals on the screens. As we all know the filter is  used to filter all kinds of air pollution in the original, no doubt  long-term filter will be filled with all kinds of pollutants, if the air  cleaner mesh impermeable, it will pollutants Re-release, resulting in secondary pollution, outweigh the benefits. So choose a good filter air purifier is particularly important.

    2: The higher the filter grade the better
    Some  people think that the air purifier equipped with the higher level  of the filter, the body filter the effect of the more obvious. However,  this is not the case. Due to the mutual restraint between the  indicators of the air purifier, the expense of air volume or CADR of the  air purifier tends to be lost if only blindly pursuing a higher sieve  level. This will not only affect the overall  filtration rate of the air purifier, but insufficient air flow results  in the purification of the entire house not only by the purification of  the air near the machine.

     3: The bigger the CADR the better
     For a significant effect of the air purifier, the pursuit of large values of CADR and large air volume is understandable. But  often overlooked by consumers is the fact that there is a mutual  restriction between the various indicators of a good air purifier. If  only the pursuit of large numerical CADR and large air volume will  often be the loss of filter grade and density at the expense of this  purchase will lose the meaning of air purifier, self-defeating.

    4: Air purifier as long as PM2.5 can get rid of it
    Some  consumers in the purchase of air purifiers only consider whether it can  effectively get rid of PM2.5, but often overlook the whether to get rid  of formaldehyde, benzene, germs, PM0.3 and other contaminants. However, it turns out that the harm caused by these pollutants to the human body is equivalent to PM2.5. For  example, PM0.3 (atmospheric particles less than or equal to 0.3 microns  in diameter) mixed with a variety of harmful substances that can enter  the blood through the alveolar wall, lung cancer, liver cancer, one of  the main causes of lymphoma. In addition,  formaldehyde is a colorless and accompanied by a strong pungent odor of  gas, is recognized by the World Health Organization as a carcinogen. Second,  the germs are tiny organisms that can make the human body pathogenic,  can enter the body by the same way, and then cause infection. Therefore, the purchase of air purifiers only consider whether it is far enough to get rid of PM2.5.