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Still Need Air Purifier After Haze Goes Away?
Mar 16, 2018

      After the year passed, the weather gradually warmed up, and the breath of spring was gradually coming. In the spring of March, all things are reviving andeverywhere is a lively scene. Throughout autumn and winter, when the smog season was high, the air purifier industry gradually entered the off-season.

     With the gradual improvement of air quality, consumers’ enthusiasm for purchasing air purifiers no longer rises. Whether the air purifier is no longer needed when the haze is less hazy.

     However,  other pollution in the air, such as pollen, pet hair, dust, etc., still  have a non-negligible impact on our respiratory health. In the spring, pollen, pet hair, dust, and other allergenic sources  that are susceptible to sensitization have increased significantly,  while the warm-blooming and pleasant climate have increased people's  outdoor activities, and the chances of allergic people being exposed to  allergens have also greatly increased.

     As a result, we locked ourselves indoors, and in fact, the degree of indoor air pollution was even more severe. The  rugs under the coffee table, the dead corners of the room, the fine  dust and hair on the ground, which are easily overlooked in our daily  routine, are all factors that affect air pollution. In  order to completely eliminate these sources of pollution, in addition  to daily cleaning, the help of air purifiers is also essential.


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