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Some Questions About Air Purifier
Aug 08, 2018

The single life brought about by the “single economy” has made many small appliances become popular, such as small ovens, small-capacity rice cookers, 500ml electric kettles and juicers. Due to the decline in air quality and the increasing awareness of people's health, small appliances such as air purifiers have become one of the hottest products.

At present, air purifiers are not new products, but many users still have many questions about it.

Question 1: The purifier is expensive, and air conditioning is enough.

Counterparty: The price of the purifier is too expensive. Some air conditioners now have a purifying function. When necessary, it is enough to open it. Why buy more idle items? And the purifier is still in the room, the space is not. Big.

The square: Like the employer, "professional people do professional things", each of them can bring higher efficiency. What's more, air conditioners that have not been cleaned for a long time are still the largest manufacturers of indoor PM2.5. The purifier can be moved, and one in all rooms is enough. With the expansion of demand, the market has also seen high-cost products, such as Xiaomi, Beidouyh, Yadu and other brands of air purifiers, the price range is between 998 yuan -2999 yuan, the average consumer can Beared.

Question 2: Does the noise affect the rest?

Counterparty: The noise of the purifier is too loud, and it can't sleep in the middle of the night. It is better to stop at rest.

The square: the quality of the purifier products is uneven, which is caused by the market environment is not mature, and can not be ruined. If you choose big brands such as beidouyh, Yadu, Philips, Sharp, etc., silent sleep mode, you can sleep comfortably.


Question 3: How to deal with secondary pollution?

Counterparty: The purifier only filters PM2.5 particles, and it can not completely kill the bacteria, and it will remain on the filter net. Over time, it will cause secondary pollution and damage the indoor air more.

Square: There is no such thing as a once-in-a-lifetime thing. The filter of the air purifier needs to be replaced regularly. For example, if you use the Yadu PM Purification Guard, you will have a filter life reminder, and users can prevent it in advance.