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Say Good-Buy To Second-Hand Air
Jan 25, 2018

      We all look forward to an elegant life, the sunshine, the breeze is not dry, just breathe the air full of sweet atmosphere.

      Now, for such a  pursuit of life, has almost become a luxury, outdoor air quality we all  share, indoor air quality is also not optimistic.

     why? Second-hand breathing, is quietly affecting our lives, endanger our health. Second-hand breathing is what? Interpretation:  In a confined space, the human body and human activity, the air only in  this space a simple cycle, the resumption of human beings are all  second-hand breathing. Second-hand breathing what harm? Increasing  levels of carbon dioxide I believe we all have such an experience, stay  indoors slightly dizzy, drowsy, without energy. This  is because indoor carbon dioxide levels continue to rise, the oxygen  content continues to decline, has exceeded the normal accepted  standards.     

      Recently, researchers from the State  University of New York and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in  the United States have shown that rising levels of carbon dioxide can  cause people to think less quickly. Many people  think not only think the speed of thinking decline, but stay indoors for  a long time, but also began to forget the East, can not concentrate,  which are indoor with elevated levels of carbon dioxide have a certain  relationship.

      The use of human  and human activities, household chemicals and other consumer products,  as well as indoor toxic and hazardous chemicals, especially indoor  decoration, building decoration materials and household chemicals, enter  the interior to gradually increase the types and quantities of toxic  and hazardous substances in the room Increasing Currently, there are 307 kinds of volatile organic compounds that can be detected in indoor air.

     The air of bacteria and viruses is repeatedly circulated indoors, increasing the danger. According  to statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO), 7 million  people die from high concentrations of suspended particulate matter in  the world each year.

     How to solve it?Buy a BEIDOUYH air purifier,provide you fresh air,let you breath freely.

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