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Remove Formaldehyde,Pampering Family Healthy
Jan 16, 2018

      For many newly married and relocated new home consumers,it's very happy to have a new home.However, the pungent chemical material smell of home  improvement "sequelae" is hard to remove in a short time, no matter how many air fresheners has used and still linger in the house  for a long time, which greatly jeopardizes the health of occupants.

     BEIDOUYH introduced air purifier recently, use 2 system to remove formaldehyde and other gases,odor and dust in the new renovated home. To create a perfect and comfortable living environment.

     Air Purifier 4.jpg

       Our air purifier not only use traditional fiteration technology,but also emit air-purifying preparation molecue.The organic purifying molecules will nerualize PM2.5 particles,sterillize the air,removeodors in the air automatically.