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Purifying The Bedroom Is The Most Important
Jan 23, 2018

In the past two years, due to reports by major media, people have  drawn attention to the "smog". However, we have lagged behind the  concept of air purification for several decades ...

Air purification is not needed in the past few years.

Since the 1970s, Germany has installed filtration facilities in industrial facilities to reduce the emission of harmful gases. In Germany, the management of air quality begins with the concept and  innovation that has been passed from the legal level to strict laws.

After decades of development, the penetration rate of air purifiers in  the world's more developed countries averages over 25%, our neighbor  Korea is as high as 70%, and the "high speed" four years of development  in China is still less than 2%.

Is the air pollution problem? Or the concept of the problem?

Some people say, "We are a developing country!" That's right, but we want to say: "Just ideas."

Air pollution is a long way from the onset of the disease, and we are  busy with survival and sacrificing a healthy and vicious circle.

German ecoor brand founder Mr. JUERGEN, fifteen years ago put forward the "bedroom is the primary purification space" concept.

Air purification, first of all from the bedroom!

People's pursuit of a better life should be based on health protection.