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Pure Electric Network About The Operating Cost Of The Advantages Of Obvious
Feb 15, 2017

Compared with the fuel car when the pure electric car can enjoy a substantial purchase of car subsidies, while saving the cost of car at the same time, operating costs compared to fuel vehicles lower. All around the provisions of the vehicle fuel tank capacity of not less than 2.0L / 1.8T, wheelbase is not less than 2700 mm. Throughout the market in line with this requirement of joint ventures and independent brands, the main models of the lowest price of roughly 11 to 150,000 yuan. The market to meet the "wheelbase 2650 mm, mileage 250 km" new energy vehicles, remove the two subsidies after the price, but also in the basic between 110,000 to 14 million. Taking into account the new energy vehicles do not purchase tax, in the cost of purchase links, energy vehicles can enjoy savings of about 10,000 yuan. And in the use of cost, the annual 8-10 million km network bus general mileage to count, 100 km power 16 degrees, 1.5 yuan per kilowatt (including electricity and charging service fee), the new energy vehicles can save 2 per year Million or so. Daily maintenance, the new energy vehicles an average of 1280 yuan per year, comparable to the fuel truck province about 16,000 yuan. On the whole, the network car with pure electric vehicles than fuel trucks, the annual cost savings of 4-5 million, the advantage is quite obvious.