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Principle Of Car Air Purifier, Is The Air Purifier Effective?
Nov 20, 2018

With the decline in air quality, especially the increase in smog in recent years, human health has been jeopardized seriously. A technology to purify air quality was developed. However, these technical instruments were not used in cars. After a long period of time, people realized that the air inside the car was as worrying as it was, so the air purifier for the car came into being. Let's take a look at what the car air purifier does.


Car air purifier principle: filter type adsorption function

Forced ventilation by fan, using porous filter materials, such as activated carbon, filter paper, fiber, foam, etc. (currently the most absorbent filter material is HEPA), which is the high density air required by the  medical industry for air quality standards. The filter material absorbs suspended particles and harmful gases in the air, so that the vehicle purifier can effectively filter suspended matter and a small amount of harmful substances, and has certain air pollution caused by odor, pathogenic bacteria, viruses, microorganisms and decorative materials effect. Its structure is relatively simple.

Car air purifier principle: electrostatic dust collection purification function

Purify the air with a fibrous activated carbon filter and an electrostatic filter. The  principle of the electrostatic filter is to implant positive and  negative permanent charges in the non-woven fabric fiber, so that the  cloth surface is filled with high-voltage static electricity, which is  used to adsorb suspended particles in the air, so that harmful molecules  can pass through the filter. The net is adsorbed in the  filter screen, and the filter net cleaning efficiency can be from 7% to  95% of the filter dust collection. Its structure is shown in Figure 1. First, the permanent mesh pre-filter filters the dirty air that the fan brings in and large particles such as hair and lint. Secondly,  the high-pressure ionizer in the air cleaner's air purifying filter  causes the pollutants in the air to be as small as 0.01 micron particles  such as bacteria and viruses, and is adsorbed in the collecting tray,  which can prevent harmful irritants from being Indoor circulation. The activated carbon filter then absorbs the odor. Finally, the purified air returns to the cabin. The air purification filter can be easily updated by regular washing.

Car air purifier principle: ozone strong sterilization decomposition function

Ozone  disinfection is a method of disinfecting with the air conditioning  circulation system in the car. The special disinfectant is used to enter  the circulation system, which can remove the odor inside the car and  have certain disinfection and sterilization effects, especially for  amines, nicotine and bacteria. Wait. The  ozone disinfection method is relatively simple to operate, and a hose  connected to a special disinfecting machine for a car is inserted into  the compartment to open a special disinfecting machine for the vehicle,  and the disinfecting machine delivers high-concentration ozone generated  by high-voltage discharge to every corner of the vehicle. It only takes a few minutes. Although the disinfection time is very short, the elimination of germs is more thorough. The  fly in the ointment is that there will be a little ozone smell in the  compartment after disinfection, but because ozone can be quickly  decomposed into colorless and odorless oxygen, as long as the window is  opened for a while, the taste is gone.

Car air purifier principle: negative oxygen ion refresh function

The  vehicle negative oxygen ion air purifier utilizes high-voltage  discharge to selectively ionize oxygen atoms in the air to generate  negative oxygen ions. Negative oxygen ions have very active  chemical properties, which can quickly combine with other compounds in  the air to form new forms of oxides, which in turn convert certain  gaseous substances into crystalline forms for air purification purposes.

Working  principle: Simulate the principle of negative ion and ozone generated  by lightning phenomenon in nature. Through the action of electronic  circuit, the input low voltage is raised to DC and AC high voltage, and  discharged by special components to ionize the air to generate negative  ions and ozone. Active oxygen is produced to improve and regulate the air, making the air fresher and more natural.

Car air purifier principle: Photocatalyst decomposition principle

Photocatalyst  is a substance that does not change itself under the illumination of  light, but can promote chemical reactions, just like the chlorophyll in  photosynthesis of plants. It  is to irradiate the nano-scale TiO2 particles attached to the effective  medium through a specific light source to produce an "electron-hole"  pair (a high-energy particle), the "electron-hole" pair and the  surrounding water, After  the action of oxygen, it has strong oxidation-reduction ability, which  can directly decompose formaldehyde, benzene and other pollutants in the  air into harmless and odorless substances, as well as destroy the cell  wall of bacteria, kill bacteria and decompose the mesh cells. To achieve the purpose of eliminating air pollution. The  photocatalyst produces bactericidal, anti-toxic, deodorizing, oily  decomposition, mold prevention, and prevention of moss algae in the  sunlight or indoor fluorescent lamp, and plays a powerful role in air  purification.

Through  the above introduction, we must know a little about the functional  principles commonly used in car air purifiers. It can be seen that car  air purifiers still play a big role in daily use. I  hope that through this article, users can have a more objective  understanding of car air purifiers, and more rational and objective  purchase of car air purifiers.