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Popular Science: What Technologies Are Used In Air Purifiers?
Sep 19, 2018

The newly  renovated new houses generally have the problem of excessive  formaldehyde. However, in addition to the usual attention to  ventilation, people do not seem to have a good solution, let alone  completely remove formaldehyde.

If the  indoor and outdoor air can interact effectively when opening the window,  the ventilation can quickly and quickly purify the indoor formaldehyde  and reduce the formaldehyde content. However,  effective ventilation is not always available. For example, when outdoor  air pollution (haze) is heavy, it is inconvenient to open the window  and ventilate. When the window is not opened, the formaldehyde in the  room will gradually accumulate until it exceeds the standard again.


For air  purifiers, the well-known effect of the public is to purify the haze,  but as the demand for air purification increases, the formaldehyde  purification function of the decoration is gradually embedded in the air  purifier filter. Today, many air purifiers use composite filters. In addition to purifying common air pollutants, it can also purify formaldehyde pollution after decoration.