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PM2.5 Air Purifier
Apr 03, 2018

    Beijing experienced a sandstorm,the dust is mainly solid PM2.5, PM10 particles,its main components are calcium carbonate, calcium oxide, sulfate, etc.It is harmful to the human body.

    In recent years, most parts of our country have suffered from sandstorm or haze, and the impact on our bodies cannot be ignored.

    Eyes are most vulnerable  to injury, dust particles easily into the eyes, do not rub your eyes  with your hands, eyes should be washed with water or eye drops, myopia  friends are best not to wear contact lenses; also easily lead to  respiratory diseases, it is best to wearing a mask to  go out, can effectively protect the respiratory tract; the skin must  have been contaminated with a lot of dust particles, come home to take a  shower, clean and comfortable.

    Therefore,  in the face of such weather, besides protecting yourself in the open  air, it is necessary to do respiratory protection indoors and in the  car. It is very necessary to turn on the air purifier.


    BEIDOUYH air purifier can filter the dirty air and output clean and fresh air, which can effectively  purify the dust, smog, bacteria, formaldehyde, benzene, odor and other  harmful substances in the car.