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New Energy Network To See The Car Wheelbase And Mileage
Feb 15, 2017

Throughout the introduction of the provisions of several key cities, the new energy network access to the entry threshold is more consistent. Beijing and Shanghai require "wheelbase of not less than 2650 mm". Chongqing, Tianjin, Shenzhen, in addition to the wheelbase to 2650mm, but also requires "life mileage of not less than 250 km." Hangzhou's standard is in the "wheelbase" and "mileage" in the second choice, requiring "wheelbase 2600 mm or more integrated mileage of 250 km or more." Insiders explained that the new network of car policy emphasizes the "differentiated competition", requiring the network to increase the level of the car to the level of parade taxi. It can be seen, to measure the quality of pure electric vehicles mainly to see "wheelbase" and "mileage" two indicators, the city has reached a consensus.