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Need Air Purifier? If You Have Already Used Fresh Air System
Nov 22, 2018

Although the air quality has improved slightly in the past two years, it still has a long way to go from the international safety standards. Therefore, for individual families whose environmental quality cannot be  controlled, how to properly handle the indoor air quality has become a compulsory subject.

To open the window ventilation? Or plant a variety of green plants? Buy an air purifier or directly on the fresh air system? I believe that many users feel silly and unclear.

What is a fresh air system?

The fresh air system refers to the outdoor fresh air passing through the initial filtration and sent to the indoors. At the same time, the indoor dirty air is discharged to the outside to achieve the balance of the  system, and the air is replaced by the room, so that a closed space realizes the scientific air convection is also equivalent to adding a breathing system to your room.


What are the benefits of the fresh air system to the indoor environment?

The outdoor oxygen can be introduced to replace the indoor turbid exhaust gas, so that the indoors can keep breathing smoothly for a long time. At the same time, the indoor temperature can be adjusted and the moisture in the room can be eliminated.


Of course, the purification capacity of the fresh air system is also limited. Many friends generally think that the purification effect of the fresh air system on air pollution will be far better than the domestic air  purifier. In fact, this is not the case.

Filtrate is not precise enough

There is little effect on PM0.3 that can penetrate the cell membrane into the blood, and the purification of particulate matter is only applicable to PM2.5 or larger particles. The reason is very simple. If you want to achieve the filter effect of the purifier, you must use a thicker HEPA filter. This will result in a serious loss of air volume in the fresh air system and a significant reduction in ventilation efficiency.

Generally less air volume

According to the standard of the fresh air system, only one hour can be exchanged for one hour. When serious indoor pollution such as cooking, cleaning, second-hand smoke, and pets are generated, the removal speed is slow.

Not equipped with activated carbon

Astringent or gaseous pollutants can only be treated by ventilation and have no ability to purify.

Higher maintenance costs

If the real estate does not come with a fresh air system,  self-installation from the pre-installation wiring to the post-system maintenance, installation and maintenance are more cumbersome.

In fact, the air purifier is not in contradiction with the fresh air system. If they can be used at the same time, the indoor air quality can achieve excellent results.

     ●The filtering effect is greatly improved. The efficient professional air purifier can filter the PM0.3 up to 99%.

     ●  A better air purifier has a large wind flow, which can promote the air circulation speed of the fresh air system and speed up the purification and ventilation efficiency.

     ● For gaseous pollutants such as formaldehyde and odor, the air purifier can directly purify and filter.

     ●  In the nighttime sleep situation, the fresh air system with the air purifier can ensure that fresh air is accompanied by the night.