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Nature's Air Purifier
Aug 23, 2018

Summer has  passed and it has entered Liqiu. Although the weather is as hot as the  summer, the air is much drier. The furniture in our home and some  clothes are beginning to have some odors. Then we want to remove these odors, buy a lot of air purifiers, and some odor-absorbing balls. In  fact, we can use natural methods to remove these odors. It is to plant a  few pots of flowers that are better cultivated at home. It can  effectively help us absorb all these harmful gases, and some can also  convert these harmful gases into oxygen. Give it to us. These kinds of flowers can not only smoke but also absorb harmful gases, which is simply a natural air purifier.


The first  is to introduce some Wenzhu to you. The function of Wenzhu is to evolve  the air. It can also help us absorb the relatively small bacteria and  germs in the air. The advantage of our conservation of bamboo is that  the bamboo grows very delicate and looks like Very  comfortable, like a mini bamboo forest, we can spray the water on the  surface of the bamboo to keep the vitality, usually in the living room  and study.


Chlorophytum  is a very common potted plant. It is the same as his name. We planted  it with a hanging pot. The function of the spider is very powerful. It  can absorb the formaldehyde that we have just refurbished and the  smokers of our house. Second-hand smoke, smoke from some home appliances. Chlorophytum  is a kind of like to grow in acidic soil. The spider plant is suitable  for planting in all corners. It is best to be in the window of our  study.


Everything  is smooth, and everyone knows that this name is white palm, a good plant  that absorbs odor, especially the ammonia in the urea that we  discharged from the toilet. White palm needs to grow in a  relatively shaded environment to avoid direct sunlight. It is best to  use it in a relatively ventilated position, and we must always handle  the leaves of the white palm. The leaves grow faster and the natural  flowers grow. fast.


Ivy, like  the spider plant, is a very common potted potted plant that absorbs a  lot of harmful gases and converts those harmful gases into harmless  gases. It is very good. When Ivy is cured, I am very afraid of water and there is no ventilation. Therefore,  we need to find a ventilated environment for planting it, and it is  best to spray it with water for a long time to avoid the air being too  dry and causing ivy growth discomfort.


Aloe vera is a kind of nighttime worker who can remove some strange odors very well and has a very strong absorption capacity. And  aloe vera is a very good kind of potted plant. As long as it is placed  in a relatively sunny and ventilated position, it can grow well by  pouring water once a week.