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Itchy Nose, Sneezing, Sore Throat, Not A Cold? What Is That?
Oct 22, 2018

Have you  ever had an inexplicable itchiness, whether you have abdominal pain or diarrhea as a result of that you have eaten some food, do you suddenly sneeze and that you don't have a cold? Congratulations, you are very likely to be allergic.


Allergies are always miserable, but if you have food allergies, then you can choose not to eat it, to say that I am allergic to certain substances, then you can choose not to touch, but breathing allergies can not be yours, minutes from the air Some pollen, germs, dust, etc. from the clock may cause rhinitis, asthma, and respiratory diseases at any time, so that you can feel the maliciousness from the whole world at one  time.

In fact, most people don't know what they are allergic to, they often get sick but don't know what to do,  especially for children, causing physical discomfort more frequently. The child keeps sneezing and sneezing, it doesn't have to be a cold, it may be because of allergies.


But don't take it lightly. Don't think that it will only make a small fight for a while. In severe cases, it may even have edema, shock, and even a hundred ways to ask for your life.

What respiratory sensitization sources do we need to be alert to?

1, Pollen. It is autumn and winter season, pollen seems to be only in the spring of March, a spring season will be there, saying that winter is coming, will spring be far behind?

2, Germs. Especially for pet owners in the family, not only do pets produce hair, but the most important thing is to spread bacteria in the air and infect the respiratory system to cause so-called "cold" symptoms.

3. Dust. Dust allergies and pollen allergy are similar. Inexplicable nose itching, itchy skin, itchy eyes, coughing and coughing, all may be dusty pots.  The dust on the ground can be vacuumed, and the dust in the air is given to the air purifier.

BD8302 air purifier

Seeing that the winter smog season is coming, there are not only allergens but also  many viruses and bacteria in the smog particles. Many of the weaker babies and the elderly often get sick for no reason, probably because of these floating viruses and bacteria in the air. The smog does not stop, allergies are not limited. With a better living environment, the body can be better.