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It Needs More Air Purification In Summer Than In Winter
Aug 06, 2018

In recent  years, research reports and news about smog have appeared frequently,  and people pay more attention to air quality. More and more people  choose to use air purifiers to help “optimize” the breathing quality of  themselves and their families. An authoritative  industry report shows that as of 2017, China's air purifier market has  reached 5.74 million units, and its retail sales and retail sales have  achieved rapid growth. However, one phenomenon  that cannot be ignored is that most people only think of air  purification when the smog is high in autumn and winter. The concern for  air quality in spring and summer is significantly reduced, and it is  caught in the misunderstanding of “no need to use air purifier in  summer" .

In fact, air purifiers are more needed in the summer. On  the one hand, air pollutants are not limited to smog in autumn and  winter. In summer, there are also some harmful volatiles that are  invisible to the naked eye, such as formaldehyde, viruses and bacteria.  On the other hand, high temperature and high humidity in summer,  pollutants accelerate evaporation and Multiplication, at  the same time, many families enter the "24-hour air conditioning" mode  in the summer, the doors and windows in the air-conditioned room are  closed, resulting in these pollutants can only be circulated indoors,  and the air quality will inevitably decline.

A study by  the US Environmental Protection Agency also pointed out that indoor air  pollution in summer is 2-4 times worse than outdoor air. The  indoor air is not circulating. People are in such a living environment  for a long time. If their health is difficult to be protected, they will  often suffer from headaches, dizziness, dizziness, chest tightness and  other discomforts. This is commonly known as "air conditioning disease." At  the same time, the report shows that 68% of human diseases are related  to indoor pollution, and purifying indoor air is imminent.

Therefore, for the health of the family, summer can not ignore the problem of air purification. To  improve the air quality of the home and remove fine particles, volatile  organic compounds and bacteria in the air, an air purifier is required. Behind an air purifier is a family's pursuit of health, but also the most reliable guarantee for the family.

However,  there are tens of thousands of air purifiers on the market today.  Choosing a good air purifier has become a problem for many families. To  determine whether an air purifier is really effective for purifying  air, the "New Air Purifier National Standard" proposes two measures, CCM  and CADR. The “three highs and one low” (ie high  CADR value, high CCM value, high purification energy efficiency, low  noise) is the absolute standard for measuring a high quality air  purifier. NetEase carefully selected its 3C  electric appliance sub-brand, Netezhizhi's all-round air purifier as an  air purifier at the price of 1,000 yuan, which is a good performance on  these two indicators.

CCM Chinese means  cumulative purification. The popular point is the service life of the  filter. The higher the value, the longer the service life.

In addition to CCM and CADR, the coverage of air purifiers is especially important.

Air quality problems don't change overnight, and air purification is something that should be done in all seasons. In  the summer of “hot sun, high temperature”, most people unconsciously  reduce the outdoor stay time, and the house is in a closed  “air-conditioned room”. At this time, the indoor air environment is  especially important in the summer. Therefore, we can  prepare an air purifier for our family, improve the indoor air  environment, and share a comfortable and healthy summer life with our  family.