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Is Air Purifier Useful If No Haze?
Jan 19, 2018

       No haze, is air purifier useful? International  survey data show that in recent years, on average, 4 million children  die each year of acute respiratory infections caused by air pollution  and more than 1.4 billion people are threatened with unsafe air to  varying degrees. According to a report by Canada's  Health Canada, 68% of all human diseases are related to indoor air  pollution. About 83% of the 200 viruses known to cause respiratory  infections are known to exist in indoor air environment.

     Which situation we dont care will pollute the indoor air?
     Just  renovated houses, decoration materials more or less will have some  pollution, resulting in indoor formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful  substances increased;
     Airtight bedroom, if  the day did not have enough time or conditions of ventilation, the air  quality in the house can be imagined;
     Carpet,  cloth, etc. are easy to adsorb the dust, people walking, prone to dust;  this is one of the biggest reasons for the fall rhinitis began to  spread!
     Some poor quality fabric products, but also easy to release harmful substances.

     In fact, at this  time you need an air purifier, air purifier can remove haze, and purify allergens, pollen, dust, formaldehyde, ammonia and  so on. Cleaner indoor air purifier is internationally recognized as one of the best ways to improve indoor air quality. It  is reported that the penetration rate of air purifiers in Western  Europe exceeds 38%, the penetration rate in North America reaches 46.7%,  the penetration rate in Central and Southern Europe is about 30%, and  that in Northern Europe is 25%. In Asia, 70% of Koreans  have the highest penetration rate of air purifiers and 13.8% of those  with the best air quality in Japan. China's air purifier penetration rate is only less than 3%, which is even worse than Thailand (6.2%) and Malaysia (4.7%).