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Is Air Purifier Useful For Removing Formaldehyde?
Jan 24, 2018

        There are two main reasons that cause people to question the effectiveness of air purifiers. The first is the industry. China's  air purifier industry started late, it entered the rapid development  stage in recent years, so the lack of a certain degree of market  regulation. In  this case, a large number of substandard fake and shoddy products take  the opportunity to fish in troubled waters, to suppress the development  of formal air purifier brand space, through the use of deceitful,  exaggerated and other means of occupation of the market, profiteering. Until  March 1, 2016, the implementation of the new national standard of  China's air purifier landed on the air purifier before it reversed the  phenomenon of "bad money driven by good money" phenomenon, so that the  real purifying ability and good quality air purifier brand products  reoccupied market. Second, people do not know enough about air purifier products. It should be noted that the air purifier is not a single type of product, but there are many kinds of classification. According to the decontamination function, air purifiers can be divided into physical type, chemical type and ionic type. Physical  type is through the filtration to remove suspended particles, chemical  type is the use of neutralization, catalytic and decomposition to remove  harmful gases, ionic discharge is by way of electricity, plasma and  ultraviolet light to kill bacteria. According to different purification principles, the role of air purifier is not the same. For example, a physical air purifier can not remove harmful gases in the air, and is at a loss to bacteria, germs and the like.

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