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Is Air Purifier Third-party Filter Reliable?
Mar 16, 2018

      Air purifiers  can solve indoor respiratory health problems in air-pollution  environments. Therefore, after the general awareness of concepts such as  smog and PM2.5, air purifier products have also witnessed an explosive  development in the Chinese market.

     As the  core component of the air purifier, its filter is a consumable part, and  its universal use period is about 6 months. In the severe haze season  in northern China, the filter may need to be replaced after 3 months of  use.

    The original brand filters for the  mainstream purifier products can generally be purchased on the  e-commerce platform or the official mall, but the price of the original  filter is generally higher. The mainstream price ranges from 300 yuan to  500 yuan, and some well-known brands The filter price is even as high as a thousand dollars. This price, combined with the loss rate during heavy pollution, for most consumers, this is no small cost pressure.

   There  are also some third-party brand filter products in the market, priced  at 100-200 yuan, you can also adapt to many mainstream purifier models,  for free, to buy a third-party filter that does not fly, it is likely to  reach Less than ideal purification effect, but also poses a threat to family health.


    BEIDOUYH air purifier,the core technology is preparation kit,use silane molecules to solidify the suspend bacteria in the air to the surface of the fresh preparation of the molecule firstly,and then use the compound quatemary ammonium salt to kill the bacteria.The price is lower than the filter but the effect is better.