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Intelligent Air Purifier Care You Breath
Jan 18, 2018

      Nowadays, the problem of air quality has become a major issue that can not be ignored. Outside it, it is subject to haze. Even back home, there are hidden dangers such as formaldehyde. Our lungs can not serve as a free filter. More  and more people begin to attach importance to air purification, air  purifier has also been favored as one of the new home appliances.

     Many people just  think that air pollution exists only in outdoor haze threat, as  everyone knows, air pollution also exists in the home's indoor  environment. Indoor pollution is more serious than  outdoor pollution: indoor second-hand smoke, formaldehyde, mites, pet  odor, as well as a variety of fine particles, harmful particles, toxic  gases exist. Formaldehyde alone may cause cancer,  promote cancer; lead to smell, immune abnormalities; cause throat  discomfort or pain; cause mild asthma in children. Avoid the outdoor haze, but still hide these invisible indoor pollution.

     Indoor air  pollution, may lead to fetal malformations, congenital heart disease;  may cause children's blood diseases, asthma, etc .; may induce asthma in  the elderly, brain tumors, cardiovascular diseases. Care of the health of the family from the purification of indoor air. Today's  air purifier is no longer only for haze and decontamination, but also  take into account the addition of formaldehyde, humidification and other  diversified functions. A wide range of air purifiers on the market, how to buy a high quality air purifier?


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      BEIDOUYH air purifier not only use traditional fiteration technology,but also emit air-purifying preparation molecue.The organic purifying molecules will nerualize PM2.5 particles,sterillize the air,removeodors in the air automatically.It is no bad effect for humans.And Our air purifier with built in sensors for TVOC, Formaldehyde,Temp&Hum data analysis and has a screen to let you know the air quality in real time.


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