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Innovative Air Purifier Preparation Kit
Jul 20, 2018

The advent of large industrial times, increasingly serious environmental pollution, formaldehyde and other harmful gases, harmful bacteria invade the air, it is inevitable. Use the latest scientific and technological means to protect our health, improve the quality of life is necessary and urgent.


1、Active air cleaning mode

Traditional air cleaning equipment requires to suck dirty air into the cleaning equipment firstly to complete the air filtration and cleaning, this is a passive, inefficient and incomplete air clean method.
Our preparation is very active,it can spread to all corners of the room initiatively to fully clean the air with only low-speed fans.

2、Advanced Working Principle

Preparation is made of organic macromolecules which proportionally synthesized by composite quaternary ammonium salt and silane. When the preparation of macromolecules floating in the air, firstly by using the silane molecules to adsorb and solidify PM2.5 suspended particles in the air, bacteria and other molecules to the surface of the preparation molecule, while the complex quaternary ammonium salt and the preparation of bacterial molecules on the surface of organic molecules And the reaction, the formation of water and carbon dioxide, thus completing the killing of harmful molecules in the air. At the same time, the compound quaternary ammonium salt and the bacterial organic molecules on the surface of the preparation macromolecule react to form water and carbon dioxide, thereby completing the killing of the harmful molecules in the air.

3、Long-term Disinfection Bacteriostasis

Our fresh air preparation has an efficient bactericidal function, with the the active purification function, it can realize long-term inhibitory and bactericidal effect. The traditional air purifier uses a filter to intercept bacteria and can only isolate the bacteria entering the air purifier, it is difficult to take care of our health in a full-time and comprehensive manner.

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