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Indoor Pollution Problems Are More Serious In Winter, And It Is More Necessary To Use Air Purifiers.
Nov 01, 2018

In the intrinsic impression of everyone, there is such a misunderstanding: the outdoor smog in winter is severely turbulent, and the scope of activities is reduced to indoors as much as possible for respiratory safety. However, it is not. A good breathing environment is of great importance to human health. Therefore, caring for family members needs to pay attention to the indoor air environment, pay attention to respiratory health, and use air purifiers to solve indoor pollution problems is a good means.

1.Increased indoor activity time

Most of the modern people's activities are mostly indoors, and this year, people have been living indoors for a longer time. According to surveys, urban people spend about 80% of their time indoors, including sleep, rest, recreation, meals, and work. This time, winter is more than 10% more than in summer. Some children, the elderly and the frail and sick people spend more time indoors.

2.Frequent respiratory diseases

According to reports from relevant authorities, the morbidity and mortality rate of the elderly in China is four times higher than the annual average in the winter. Experts believe that this is affected by the seasonally changing climate and environment. The winter climate is relatively dry, and bacteria can attach to small dust particles floating in the air. This fine dust particles can be infected by people exposed to contact. In winter, the immunity of the human body is relatively low, and bacteria and viruses are more harmful to people's health.

3.Concentration of pollutants rises

In winter, the door and window seals are tight, the indoor fresh air volume is greatly reduced, and the harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene released from interior decoration materials and furniture, the chemical substances generated after the fuel is burned, and the carcinogenic substances produced during smoking are constantly increasing indoors. dilution. Although the temperature will reduce the volatilization of harmful gases will be relatively weak, but the widespread use of modern air-conditioning heating, resulting in reduced indoor ventilation, the temperature is relatively high, so the indoor toxic and harmful gases volatilize it is difficult to dissipate, stay in the room, causing indoor breathing “High-risk period”, therefore, indoor air purification problems in winter cannot be easily ignored.

In winter, we should pay more attention to the problem of indoor air pollution. Many people mistakenly believe that the new decoration can be completed as long as it is ventilated for a period of time.The harm of formaldehyde and benzene is cyclical and the damage is enough to cause cancer. Therefore, when moving to a new home, you must not take it lightly. You can't judge whether there is a “taste” as the standard for indoor air quality.