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Indians Needs Air Purifiers
Jan 24, 2018

    Fine particles (PM2.5) from industrial production, car exhaust, straw burning, etc. can cause premature death. A  recent World Health Organization study showed that air pollution may  exacerbate or lead directly to cardiovascular disease and lung cancer,  while India killed 600,000 people in 2012 due to air pollution. The total number of deaths from PM2.5 in the world is 3 million, with India accounting for one fifth of the total. The  results of the WHO study are based on published data on national  pollutant concentrations published by the Indian government and then  derived from a numerical model. India has now  become the second largest victim of air pollution, second only to China,  which ranks first (about 800,000 people die each year). Among  the Indians who died of air pollution, 249,388 died of ischemic heart  disease, 195,001 died of stroke, 110,500 died of chronic obstructive  pulmonary disease and 26,334 died of lung cancer.

     In India, the air purifier market is huge. India  has a population of one billion, many cities have been included in the  list of the world's heavily polluted areas, and the ranking is on the  rise. In 2016, 10 cities in the world's 20 most polluted cities voted by the World Health Organization came from India. Among them, Gwalior, the 350-kilometer-long Gwalior in the capital, New Delhi, is second only to Iran's Zabul.