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If The Air Purifier Filter Is Not Replaced In Time, Be Careful To Cause Secondary Indoor Pollution!
Oct 19, 2018

With the increasing air pollution in recent years, the use rate of air purifiers has increased significantly. Many people think that with an air purifier, you can sit back and relax, once and for all? The answer is not necessarily. If the filter cannot be replaced in time, the air purifier can cause secondary pollution of the indoor air and damage the health of the body.

The air purifier filter is the core of the air purifier, and it is also the top priority of the air purifier. The filter as a consumable must be replaced regularly to ensure the stability of the indoor air quality and to ensure the health of the family. So what happens if you don't change the filter in time?

Consequences of not changing the filter in time

1.Reduce purification efficiency

The blocked filter not only reduces the output of clean air, but also greatly reduces the interception effect of pollutants in the air, resulting in a greatly reduced air purification effect. People living indoors inhale the unclean air, which is equivalent to letting their lung acts as an "air purifier."

2.Lead to secondary pollution

The traditional air purifier adopts the purifying mode of fan exhaust + filter filtering. Once the filter is saturated and not replaced in time, the microorganisms intercepted by the filter and the bacteria and viruses raised by the filter will be blown back into the room by the fan, resulting in two Secondary pollution.

3.Shorten the life of the purifier

If the air purifier does not change the filter for a long time, its life will be greatly shortened. Because the filter is saturated, the air passing rate is reduced, and the fan continues to operate efficiently for a long time, which will greatly shorten the service life of the fan. Therefore, be sure to replace the air purifier filter regularly.