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How To Use Air Purifiers Most Efficiently?
Jul 23, 2018

As we all  know, after using the air purifier for a period of time, it is normal to  have pollutants on the filter screen, among which dust, formaldehyde,  benzene and other pollutants are the most. Everyone hopes that the air purifiers purchased will have high efficiency and play the best role.

As far as  equipment is concerned, its efficiency involves two aspects, one is the  ability of the machine itself, and the other is the ability of the  individual to maintain the equipment. Only when the two cooperate with each other can the performance of the equipment be fully utilized. Therefore,  learning to maintain the air purifier is an effective way to improve  the performance of the machine, then how to maintain the air purifier?

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About the maintenance of the air purifier:

First, the maintenance of the exterior of the chassis. Detect  the route, clean and clean the surface dust, and pay attention to  regularly clean the dust and dirt on the outside of the chassis with a  dry soft towel or a damp cloth. When you do not need to use the purifier, put it in the box memory and put it in a ventilated, dry place after cleaning.

Second, the maintenance inside the chassis. Open  the back cover of the chassis, remove and remove the front filter, tap  or blow it off with a hair dryer, or rinse it with water, dry it, and  then load it into the panel.

Third, the maintenance of the air purifier filter. Of course, different screens have different maintenance methods.


1.  Pre-filter: Since the main function of the pre-filter is to filter large  particles such as hair and dander, the cleaning frequency is preferably  1 or 2 times a month. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust, or use a rag to clean it, or even wash it.

2.HEPA high efficiency filter: It can be cleaned with tools such as vacuum cleaner and hair dryer.

3. Humidifying filter: For some purifiers with humidification function, the humidifying filter can also be rinsed with water.

4.  Formaldehyde filter: The maintenance method of formaldehyde filter is  very simple, you need to get the sun at the end to expose it.

5.  Deodorizing filter: The deodorizing filter of a few brands of purifiers  has reached the technical level of water washing, which can maintain  the purification efficiency by washing and shorten the cycle of changing  the filter.

6. Activated carbon filter and  composite efficiency filter: These two are disposable consumer goods,  the price ranges from one hundred to six hundred yuan, must be replaced  after the end of the service life, to avoid secondary pollution,  otherwise Not available. Of course, if we can regularly take them to the sun in the sun, we can extend their service life.