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How To Remove The Odors?
Jan 25, 2018

1,  musty: the annual rainy season, the house is very wet, indoor clothes,  closets, drawers often emit musty, you can put a soap inside, musty,  that is, but also the dried tea Slag into gauze bags, distributed throughout, not only can remove musty, but also emit a trace of fragrance.
2,  the smell of cigarettes: modern, whether men or women, smoking seems to  be a trend, indoor smoking, smoke-filled, unhealthy, if aware of this  problem, you can use a gauze dipped in vinegar indoors waving or lit  candle , That is, smoke that except.
3, the kitchen smell: Cooking in the kitchen cooking, all kinds of  food is very strong taste, you put a little vinegar in the pot heating  evaporation, kitchen odor can be eliminated.
4,  paint taste: the new paint wall or furniture has a strong paint smell,  to remove the paint smell, you only need to put two cold saline basin in  the room, one to two days will remove the smell of paint can also be  soaked in onion pots, Equally effective
5, the smell of kerosene: kerosene furnace or honeycomb cooking, in  the combustion process, to produce black smoke, if the kerosene or  honeycomb add a few drops of vinegar, the smoke can be reduced or  eliminated.
6, bedroom smell: indoor air pollution, can be in the light bulb drops  a few drops of perfume or toilet water, wind cream, will be issued  after the heat bursts of fragrance, refreshing.
7,  trash odor: when the metal rubbish emits the smell, the waste newspaper  can be quickly put into the ignited, odor that is removed.

8,  bathroom smell: Although the toilet often flush at home, but there are  still stinks, you can put a box of cool oil or wind elm after opening  the lid at the bathroom corner, both deodorant and repellent. Can also place a small cup of vinegar, stench will naturally disappear.

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