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How To Remove Formaldehyde From The New House?
Oct 12, 2018

In the newly renovated new house, formaldehyde is a very common thing. Unless  it is completely decorated with solid wood, the probability of  formaldehyde exceeding the standard is over 90% when the house is  renovated at room temperature. Such a high probability of exceeding the standard has made many families become the hardest hit areas.

Formaldehyde  mainly comes from sheet metal furniture, painted wall surface,  composite floor, textiles and other indoor decorations. It is difficult  to avoid the use of formaldehyde in the decoration, but the harm of  formaldehyde to the human body is obvious to all. We have to find some Effective method of removing formaldehyde.

Not reliable: lemon peel

Similar  to this method are onion method, tea, sleeve skin, air freshener, etc.  Although it feels like the air is fresh and fresh, it is actually  cheating on itself, covering the smell but not purifying formaldehyde. Formaldehyde  does not reduce the damage to the human body. Some chemicals in air  fresheners may even increase the damage to the human body.


Slightly reliable: plant & activated carbon

Plants  have the ability to purify the air, but the premise is that there are  large plants, one or two pots of green radish for the room formaldehyde,  it is a cup of water, a day of purification of formaldehyde is not as  good as our deep breath. The advantage of the  activated carbon package lies in the developed adsorption gap. As long  as formaldehyde passes through, the formaldehyde can be locked. The way  of Jiang Taigong fishing will be able to clean the small area of  formaldehyde around the charcoal package, it is still difficult to meet  our expectations.


Very reliable: open window ventilation

We  often ignore, but one of the economic and effective means of removing  aldehydes, formaldehyde can not be contained at the source, it needs  active channeling. However, this method is difficult to  implement if it encounters the following conditions: rainy weather,  foggy weather, air conditioning, heating, outdoor noise, sleeping at  night, etc., so when the room is closed, we need a good supplement. --air purifier.


Thanks to  the rapid advancement of technology, air purifiers have entered our  family from the fields of industry and military. The basic principle of  air purifiers is the process of air transport → purification → air  export, which can continuously purify the formaldehyde that continues to  volatilize. Of course, the brands of air purifiers on the  market are different, and the purification principles used are also very  different.

Reliable recommendation: BEIDOUYH BD8302 air purifier

Beidouyh air purifier products follow the traditional filterration technology while emiting the air purifying molecules which obtained the patent for invention, the molecules will neutralize PM2.5 particles, sterilize the air, remove odors in the air, remove formaldehyde automatically. It is more efficient.

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