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How To Prevent Haze?
Jan 23, 2018

      Recently haze more powerful, my own throat and nose are not very good, so I studied this area a bit. Hope to be helpful to everyone.

      First,travel First of all, foggy weather is not suitable for outdoor sports,  should be avoided in the long-term outdoor, in particular, should stop  morning exercises and other sports. If you need to go out, wear a mask. It  should be noted that ordinary cotton, non-woven masks such as the mask  does not have the effect of anti-haze, and any marked can be washed or  reused mask also do not have a haze effect, only disposable particle  protective masks can really do To prevent haze.

     Second,in the house

     1. Pay attention to window ventilation.Do not feel foggy weather indoors do not need ventilation. There  are many indoor pollutants, kitchen fumes, toilet bacteria, people  normally breathe exhaust emissions ... ... confined space is easy to  allow the accumulation of these pollutants, the health impact is also  great. Do not shut the window too strict, you can  choose a more adequate sunshine at noon, less time when the window  contaminated pollutants.
     2. Use beidouyh air purifier  devices to reduce indoor pollution.BEIDOUYH air purifier with hepa filter+exclusive preparation double cleaning,remove haze,PM2.5,formaldehyde and so on. Built-insensors for TVOC, Formaldehyde,Temp&Hum data analysis and has a screen to let you know the air quality in real time.