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How To Place Plants To Purify The Air In New Decorated Homes?
Oct 23, 2018

As people's living standards improving, people began to pay attention to health and nature.
Such as in a home renovation, in order to be closer to nature, the selection and placement of plants is always indispensable. Plants are not only to look at, they can also be used to adjust indoor air.


01. instructions of Choice

(1)  Avoid strong aroma. The flowers with too strong aroma will make people feel uncomfortable, and some even have bad symptoms. These flowers are often tulip, night scent, and five-color plum;

(2)  Avoid poisonous. Some ornamental flowers and plants are inherently toxic and should not be placed indoors, such as poinsettia, yellow rhododendron, champion red, mimosa, oleander, etc.;

(3)  Avoid allergic plants. Some people's skin is easy to be allergic to pollen, and some flowers are also very easy to cause skin allergies and rash, itching and other symptoms, such flowers have rose, five-color  plum, bauhinia, Geranium, hydrangea and so on.


02. Decorative techniques

(1)  Place 2-3 pots of green plants on the side of the wall or next to the sofa, such as Araucaria, Buddha belly bamboo, Indian rubber tree, etc.; put a few potted plants on the coffee table, shelf, desk, table, such as the text Bamboo, violet, etc., easy to move and beautiful.

(2)  Build an irregular artificial planting groove on the wall or column of the house, or insert circular, elliptical, triangular and other shapes of the planter in the vertical part of the wall, cylinder, etc., and then fill in the culture. Soil, implant suitable plants, such as kidney ferns.

(3)  Hanging Ornamental plants are planted in some special containers such as bamboo tubes, mostly based on ferns, and then hung somewhere on the wall to decorate walls, pillars, etc., so that the whole room adds a lot of interest.

(4)  Climbing Some plants can grow along the stairs, walls, pillars, ropes,  etc., such as Lingxiao, Fufangteng, etc., climbing up and down,  layering, forming an elegant green dragonfly.

(5)  Hanging and hanging are similar, but the position is different. Usually, hanging pots or hanging baskets are used in windows, corners and other places where no one is walking, such as ferns such as ivy,  crab claws, and black bones. Plants that can form a room-like floral atmosphere with a good three-dimensional effect. In addition, it compensates for the lack of wall surface and also makes the interior full of rhythm.


03. Commonly used to purify the indoor environment of green plants

Planting 1-2 pots of flowers per 10 square meters indoors can achieve the purpose of eliminating dirty air. Common flowers and plants for purifying indoor environments include:


(1) Chlorophyll, citrus and rosemary can greatly reduce bacteria and microorganisms in indoor air;

(2) Jasmine, lemon, crape myrtle and other plants can kill the original bacteria such as throat and dysentery in a short time;

(3) Celosia, tobacco, scutellaria and Aster, can absorb a large amount of radionuclides such as uranium;

(4)  Eucalyptus, giant salamander, cactus, and asparagus can kill germs, and asparagus can remove heavy metal particles in the air;

(5) Huweilan and Yiyelan can absorb more than 80% of harmful gases in the room, especially the ability to absorb formaldehyde;

(6)  Rose, aloe vera, ivy and evergreen can effectively remove some toxic gases in the room, mainly benzene, phenol ether, hydrogen sulfide,  trichloroethylene, etc.;

(7) The stomata on the cactus stalks are closed during the day and open at night,  absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, thereby increasing the concentration of negative ions in the indoor air.

(8)  Ivy, figs, and common aloe vera can absorb bacteria and other harmful substances brought back from the outside, as well as dust that can not be absorbed by the vacuum cleaner.


04. Air purifier, the most effective and direct air purification assistant

Putting some plants in the house, in addition to looking at it, is nothing more  than achieving air purification, but even then, it is very difficult to achieve great results, after all, indoor space is limited, and it is also very troublesome to manage, especially office workers, No more time. At this time, we will not consider the air purifier, use technology to directly purify the air, save time and effort, work together with indoor plants, the effect is obvious.