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How To Judge Whether Indoor Air Is Pure And Aldehyde Removal Method
Nov 07, 2018

When a child is born, the place where he lives for the longest time must be the bedroom. Newborn  children can gain some immunity in breast milk, but the immunity gained from breast milk will disappear after 6 months, and the ability to resist the external environment will be weakened. At this time, the environment in the bedroom has a great impact on the health of the child. If the indoor environment is less polluted, then the child will be more likely to be healthy and less likely to get sick.

When it comes to the indoor environment, it is essential to talk about formaldehyde. Because  formaldehyde is the first killer of indoor air pollution, formaldehyde is known for its high degree of pollution and long release period.


In fact, parents do not have to fell panic when talking about aldehyde, children's formaldehyde poisoning is not a one-night event, if the child's body has the following abnormalities, parents should pay attention to the problem of environmental pollution at your home.

Condition 1: Scorpion is uncomfortable, easy to cough, eye discomfort

Although formaldehyde has no color, it has a pungent odor. By breathing, it directly stimulates the respiratory mucosa and conjunctiva of the human body. In particular, children's breathing is generally  larger than that of adults, so it is easier to inhale excessive amounts of formaldehyde, causing cough, eye pain, redness and other symptoms.

Condition 2: skin becoming redness, allergies

The child always scratches the itch by hand, and some small rashes on the skin, especially indoors, the symptoms are more obvious. When the child leaves the bedroom, the symptoms will be somewhat relieved, which proves that the indoor pollution is serious.

Condition 3: decreased immunity, easy to catch cold

The two conditions of appeal are the initial manifestations of formaldehyde poisoning. If parents have not noticed, they still live in this environment for a long time. The child will appear to be emotionally unstable, often crying, etc., followed by frequent colds and fever.

Methods of removing formaldehyde

The following are four kinds of household aldehyde removal coups summarized by environmental purification experts. I hope that parents and children can grow up in a safe and pollution-free environment.

Household aldehyde removal method 1: natural ventilation method

Ventilation and venting of the window can effectively release the formaldehyde in the room. This  method is achieved by the exchange of indoor and outdoor air, so as to achieve the purpose of removing formaldehyde, the effect is immediate.

However, this method will be affected by many factors such as weather and apartment type, and the release cycle of formaldehyde is very long. The effect of ventilation and odor is not ideal, and it is easy to repeat. It needs to be combined with other aldehyde removal methods to ensure Indoor safety.

Household aldehyde removal method 2: plant adsorption purification

Plant purification and aldehyde removal is a method that the older generation likes to use. During the popular season of decoration, the aunts and grandfathers are happy to arrange aldehyde-removing plants such as green radish, cactus, and chrysanthemum at home.

Household aldehyde removal method 3: installation of air purification equipment

Install indoor air purification equipment to continuously improve indoor air quality and create a healthy and comfortable environment for children's  growth.

BD8302 air purifier

Beidouyh BDYH-8302 air purifier uses silane molecules to solidify the suspend bacteria in the air to the surface of the fresh preparation of the molecule firstly, and the use the compound quaternary ammonium salt to kill the bacteria. It is suitable for all kinds of rooms 30-60 square meters, such as meeting rooms, home living rong, hotel rooms, but also for all types of catering, entertainment, office staff and other intensive occasions. For the children's physical and mental health, we need to have an air purifier!