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How Many Traps Are There In The Air Purifier?
Nov 15, 2018

Trap 1: The purifier is not the higher the price, the better the purification effect

Frequently, sales people are so misleading. In fact, the purification effect is determined by factors such as purification technology and materials.

Trap 2: Exaggerated purification effect

“PM2.5 removal rate is over 99%” “Formaldehyde removal rate is 99%”” and other slogans are common.In fact, the removal rate of formaldehyde can only reach about 90%.

Trap 3: Cottage products or conceptual products are fake

China's air purifier industry is currently in its infancy, the standard is not standardized and the eagerness of consumers has made the profiteers take advantage of the loopholes.

Trap 4: Do not pay attention to after-sales

The air purifier requires better after-sales service to better ensure the use and purification effect of the air purifier in the later stage, especially the regular replacement of the filter screen.