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How Long Should We Open Air Purifier In A Day, When Is The Best Time?
Oct 25, 2018

How long does the air purifier open in a day, if there is too much time to open,  it will not achieve the purification effect, and when is the most need to open the air evolution device, let's take a look.

How long should we open the air purifier in a day?

This is determined by the air quality. If  the local air quality is good, it does not need to be opened at all. If  the outdoor air is relatively poor, it is recommended to keep it open. When the air quality outside the noon is good, you can open the window and ventilate, so that it has a certain effect. If  it is an office worker, it is recommended to turn it off when going to  work. If you turn on the air purifier when you go home, you don't need  to turn it off until you go to work the next morning.

When is the best time to open the air purifier?

1. Newly renovated house

If  your home is a newly renovated house, it is recommended to buy an air  purifier after entering the station and keep the air purifier open all  day. You need to know that newly renovated house furniture  and walls will emit excessively high levels of nails. In the daytime,  you should open the doors and windows as much as possible. If you can't  open the window in winter, you need to turn on the purifier 24 hours a  day.

2. haze weather

If you are exposed to smog, it is recommended to have an air purifier open for 24 hours. The  haze weather is generally in the autumn and winter seasons, while the  north is heated by heating in the winter, so the doors and windows are  generally closed. During this time, the outdoor air is very poor. It is  recommended that you always turn on the air purifier.

3. indoor odor

If  the room has a large smell of smoke, soot, or smell in the room, we can  also open the air purifier to disinfect, it is best to keep on knowing  the odor elimination.

The  power of the air purifier is about 80w, even if it is used for 24 hours a day, it only costs about 2 kw/h, and it costs only 1 yuan per day. It can be said that it is very power-saving, so don't close the air purifier in order to save electricity. In places with poor air quality, it takes more than one day to drive.