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How Do Air Purifiers Work?
Jan 29, 2018

     Why do so much gray on filter? Speaking from the working principle. Most  domestic air purifiers draw a certain volume of air pollution through  the motor inside the device, and then pass through several layers of  pre-cleaning filter, activated carbon filter / HEPA high-efficiency air  filter, silver ion filter and negative ion generator Due  to different brands) After filtering, release clean air, play a role in  reducing indoor pollutants, improving air quality and odor removal. Of  course, the actual process will be more complicated than you think, but  after filtering, most of the harmful substances remain in the purifier.

    Household empty net on the market mainly purify the particles in the air. Particulate  matter includes PM2.5 fine particles and PM10 respirable particles, of  course, there are pollen, dust, mites, heavy metals and other harmful  substances. Thank you, intellectual beauty Chai Jing released the documentary "under the dome", PM2.5 and haze hazards gradually opened. Compared  with the PM10, PM2.5 is dangerous because of its small size (<2.5  microns), it is hard to be exhaled after entering the lungs, and it is  easy to carry the germs to cause human diseases. Human  respiratory mucosal barrier unit is about 10 microns, the volume of 6-8  micron red blood cells can penetrate the capillaries, and smaller PM2.5  more directly through the bronchial alveoli, and even the human  circulatory system, the attachment of pollen, It is not surprising that heavy metals, bacteria, microbes and other  toxic substances can cause allergies, lung discomfort or even  inflammation, destruction of the respiratory system, and prolonged lung  cancer.