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High Effciency Air Purifier
Apr 08, 2018

      From the air  condition after the Spring Festival, it seems that the haze has no power  to relapse at the end of the winter. The half-monthly blue sky allows  us to bid farewell to the protection that cannot be relaxed at all  times, and the air purifier will enter winter as well as the winter  clothes. It seems to be a "seasonal" product.

      In fact, in  the impression of ordinary people, the air purifier is the electric  appliance that helps us purify the smog in the winter. However,  for those consumers who are preparing or have renovated new houses, in  fact, April is the season when air purifiers are showing their talents.  With the opening of the year and the warming of the weather, the  decoration schedule has also come closer, and the accompanying  formaldehyde has Benzene and other pollutants need  to be given enough attention and cleaned and eliminated in time to  prevent the threat to family health.