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Formaldehyde Removel Air Cleaner
Apr 08, 2018

      With the  strengthening of environmental protection efforts, especially the  promotion of measures such as coal-to-electricity, the overall outdoor  air quality has indeed improved a lot, and the number of severe  pollution days has decreased.

     When  the air is slightly better, many consumers think that air purifiers are  optional or even insignificant. There is a lot of misunderstanding in  this area.

     According to statistics of the World Health Organization, indoor pollution is more serious than outdoor pollution! According  to the China Building Decoration Association, a sample inspection  report for newly installed residential air quality in Beijing,  Guangzhou, Nanjing, and other cities showed that the average  formaldehyde exceeding rate was 70% to 80%, of which the highest  detection value exceeded 4.2 times the national standard. TVOC,  which is total volatile organic compounds, exceeded the standard rate  of 75%, and the highest value of detection exceeded the national  standard by 5 times. There are more than 300 kinds  of contaminants that can be detected indoors, of which there are more  than 20 kinds that can cause cancer, and the source of the problem is  mainly furniture and interior decoration.

     Therefore, in  addition to being able to effectively cope with smog, air purifiers can  effectively remove pollutants such as formaldehyde and TVOC. In  simple terms, air purifiers have at least several major functions: not  only the needs of newly renovated houses, but also old houses. Not  only for the removal of formaldehyde, indoor air dust, dust, smoke,  smoke from the kitchen, fumes from the kitchen, exhaust gas after  combustion, smell of sweat in the bedroom, smell of toilet, and high  quality air purifier. solve! And in addition to being empty, there is really no safe and effective solution.